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Certificate Diploma with Classic Frame

2018-02-12 21:44:47 0 By: Stevenson Times Read: 1780
Certificate Diploma with Classic Frame

About Design

Free Certificate Diploma with Classic Frame is a creative certificate design for Illustrator that you can download and edit to make professional certificate.

File Type

Illustrator (.ai)
Photoshop (.psd)

Word Document (.doc)

Not Available

Print Specifications

Size Closed: 297mm x 210mm
Print Method (Side 1): CMYK Process Colour

Additional Information:

Stock: Works best with white stock for a crisp, clear appearance. 300gsm matte art is recommended.

Coatings: You may choose any type of coating to apply to this design, including gloss, matte, UV, soft-touch or lamination.

How to Make a Similar Design

If you like our free certificate design templates from the download, follow these steps for a similar result.

1. Request FREE Certificate Samples - Have a free namecard sample of this product with a similar design shipped to your door.
2. Get Print Pricing - Go to our product page "Price" tab and view the pricing.
3. Download the free certificate design templates - Give this template to your designer so they can edit your template and upload to us when you place your order.
4. Contact Staff at - for help assistant on design or editing the template.

Download FREE Design Template

Designed by Freepik
You have the rights to use this design except for reselling or distributing it without permission. Enjoy!

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