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Printing Services

Custom Printing & Design

We provide one-stop printing services from design to print and finishing using the latest technology and printing equipment to produce the fastest turnaround times possible.

We have wide range of paper materials for selection, printing technique include offset, digital, hotstamp and large format printing to suit your desired need.

Our many year of experience have created numberous of customers from small businesses, medium enterprises to multi national companies and received many testimonies from our clients as recognition of our effort.

We offer a money-back guarantee for all products we sell direct to customers. If you’re not completely satisfied with our quality that you purchase from us, please send the entire product back to us within 30 days of receiving it, together with your Order Number, for an exchange or full refund.

Our Printing Services include:

• Custom Business Cards & Office Stationeries
• Custom Company Folders & Vouchers
• Custom Marketing Material; Brochures
• Custom sizes and die-cut shapes
• Multi selection on paper material
• Special Effect on OPP Lamination
• Pearlescent Crystal Effect
• Pearlescent Interference Effect
• Special UV Varnish Effects
• Unusual Folding & Binding
• Large Format Printing
• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Customer Reviews

Surpassed My Expectations

Thank you for the high quality namecards. Indeed, the quality has surpassed my expectations and it’s better than other printing companies that I’ve patronised.

Pleased With Your Service

Thank you very much for the prompt process of the name cards for my boss. He was indeed very pleased with your service.

Value for Money

The business cards were delivered yesterday and I really like them. Very good quality, great value for money and very speedy turnaround.

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