Colop Pocket Stamps


Colop Pocket Stamps

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Colop brand pocket stamps available in all kinds of formats from rectangular, square to round stamp. Complete choice of sizes in high quality materials for reliable, regular and comfortable use.

Colop Pocket Stamp is small, smart and portable - with a clip and you can carry everywhere you go. It easy and flexible to use – effortless and clean, complete choice of sizes in high quality materials for reliable. Available in all kinds of formats from rectangular to round.

Pocket Stamp Plus - The special of pocket stamp plus series is open and close with just one hand.

Pocket Stamp Plus Green Line - The special characteristic of this version is the usage of 75 % recycling material.

Microban® Pocket Stamp Plus - Microban antibacterial protection is built into the handle and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria.


  • Colop Model: Pocket Stamp & Pen Stamp Plus Series
  • Imprint Colour: Black, Blue, Violet, Red, Green
  • Imprint Handle: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, White
  • Clean and simple exchange of spare pad
  • High quality ink used: Document proof, non toxic, anti dry out formula
  • FAST delivery 6-7 Business Days
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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